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Reflexology Accurately Defined

Foot Reflexology is based on the observation and the experience that the foot reflects the glands, organs and parts of the body.

This is an ancient and natural system which origins go as far back as ancient Egypt, India and China. Applying pressure on specific areas and points on the foot promotes deep relaxation. 

Developed in the United States In the early 1900s, this technique is used today to reduce pain, induce relaxation and stimulate blood circulation, lymph drainage, strengthen the immune system and give a sense of emotional balance and overall well-being.

What is a session like?

Your first session will likely begin with a brief introduction to Reflexology and our work. You will then lie on a table and thumb or finger pressure will be applied to each of your feet.
Response to reflexology varies widely. Certain areas may feel more sensitive or tender than others. As we work the points in your feet and you begin to relax, the tenderness may begin to lessen. Because it is important to stimulate all the points, we will not avoid the tender areas - unless their are the result of an injury - but we will work within your comfort level in ways that minimize pain. Always tell us if you feel discomfort so we can adjust your treatment.
After a session you may feel calm and relaxed, or you may experience a feeling of energy and rejuvenation. Some people initially experience fatigue after a session, but notice an increase of energy or a lessening of stress over the following hours or days.

The more often you receive reflexology, the more benefits you are likely to notice. We will help you decide the best frequency for appointments to meet your specific needs.
Always let us know if you are pregnant or have a medical problem, so that we can adjust pressure and and focus on specific areas.
In occasion, a medical authorization may be required for your treatment.

We may help you learn to work your own points, thus providing you with an excellent self-care tool to release stress off your daily life.

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