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A reflexology treatment should be an extremely pleasurable experience. Many people may feel somewhat apprehensive at the prospect of their first reflexology treatment. We are always monitoring your comfort level and would only use appropriate pressure and would like you to relax during the session as relaxation is of prime importance in the healing process, but for the initiated, we can provide you with a session that gives you "good pain" and relieve you off stress that is caused by internal (7 emotions) and external (6 external / exo-geneous) factors.

 In the past decade and half, "The Little Oasis in Chinatown" has treated people of all ages and from all walks of life and many regular customers coming for prevention and stress relief as 75 percent of all illnesses are stress and occupational related, so taking care of the root cause (stress) would help to prevent a lot of illnesses from happening.

The remarkable results attained through reflexology, occurs because of the    amazing therapeutic potential present in the feet. The hands also has its corresponding reflexes but the  reason for Master Reflexologist Moyshan to concentrate on the feet is the fact that the six main meridians - those that penetrate the major organs, the stomach, spleen, liver, gall bladder, kidney and bladder meridians - all begin or end at the toes. The meridians represented in the hands- the heart, small intestine and lungs, although associated with specific organs do not penetrate any organs. Thus working on the foot would stimulate all the major organs, especially the kidney  which plays an important role in reflexology as toxins (uric acid) are being dispersed and  released back into the blood stream during a reflexology session and  the kidney helps to filter out some of it during the session. In order for the kidney to remove the toxins, every session should begin and end with a warm glass of water to help the kidney in the removal of toxins. As for any preventative kind of treatment, a lifestyle audit is a must and a person should achieve balance and improve the quality of life (less stress), reduce abusive habits (smoking, irregular eating and sleeping habits),  balance diet (less meat and more vegetables and fruits) and a routine exercise program. These are the areas that we should strive to improve everyday and a regular reflexology session is an excellent regiment to help you to achieve that balance.

 Reflexology as we understand it today is still very mysterious to some people and as we learn more about it we realize that has a very long history leading us back to more than 3000 years old.  During the new stone age stone needles called "Bian Stone" were uncovered and acupuncture / reflexology was done using this stone needle which is similar to the tool that Master reflexologist Moyshan use in her reflexology session. When the concept of  Five Element and its Meridians is introduced, the ability of this concept to explain various disharmony and imbalances that a person is experiencing is astounding since it has the backing of more than 3000 years of observations and together with the Yin /Yang and  the I-Ching, these various postulations and theories provide a means  to gain insight into "The Medicine of the New Millennium" - Acupuncture / Reflexology / Massage (acupressure/shiatsu).

Master reflexologist  Moyshan is the founder of the Moyshan Foot Massage. Using the Moyshan Method  she has the most effective treatment for stress, tension relief and jet lag and her treatment is part of a wholistic treatment to bring back your body into balance and to remove toxins accumulated in your system. By going back to the basics,  the patients are encourage  to take control and take better care of themselves through diet, exercise and drinking lots of water and a series of  reflexology sessions to rebalance and detoxify the system.

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