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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia (facial nerve pain)

Pain in the face that can last from seconds to days.  Recurring attacks that get longer each time it comes.
Sudden facial spasms on one or more of the three branches of nerves (trigeminal).  Comes suddenly in a shocking spasming fashion, extremely painful.  Most commo is the Zygomatic and the mandibular branches.  The orbital is less common.

Do not puncture on patients trigger point.

Try to find out what triggers: emotional stress, weather, food, talking.


TCM- Wind/Heat, Wind/Cold, Toxic Heat, Qi and Blood stagnation

  • Orbital: BL2, [GB8 - GB14 - LI4 - ST8 - ST41]
  • Zygomatic: [ST2 - SI18 - LI4 - LI20 - GB3]
  • Mandibular: [RN24 - jia cheng jiang - TH17 - ST44 - LI4]
  • Wind: GB20
  • Qi and Blood stagnation: SP6, LR3

*Sedating methods- do not over manipulate, longer calmer stimulation.


  • Jia cheng jiang is located even with RN24 below the corners of the lips.

Alternative Treatment Methods

  • auricular- facial, mandible, frontal, shenmen
  • injection- vit B1 & B12, Yan Hu Suo, preference is to inject subcutaneously on the trigger point

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