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Headache Tou Feng

Certain area or whole head pain that can correspond to many characteristics, lasting minutes to months.  Caused by both internal and external pathogenic factors.

Western Medicine- neurovascular, high blood pressure




External Pathogenic invasion

P/T treat the same as common cold except factor in location differences.


  • vertex: Du 20, LR 2, BL 7,  frontal: Du 23, ST 8, 43
  • occipital: BL 10, 60, Du 19
  • temporal: GB 20, 43, taiyang



Liver Yang rising

Throbbing and/or stabbing, feeling of heat on the face, red eyes, tinnitus with headache, thirst, irritable, T- red with thin yellow coat, P- wiry

P/T descend Liver Yang, extinguish Wind


  • foot Jueyin and Shaoyang
  • GB 4-5, 20, *40, LR 3, ashi points
  • dizziness- Si Shen Cong



Turbid Phlegm

Throbbing heavy headache, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, chest fullness, tendency to be overweight, T- greasy, P- wiry slippery

P/T transform Phlegm, descend turbid, open cavities


  • foot yangming, local, ashi points
  • Ren 12 & ST 40, Du 20, Yintang, ST 25
  • nausea- PC 6



Blood Stasis

Chronic fixed stabbing headaches, caused by injury, or long term illness

P/T promote circulation, move Stasis, and meridian Qi

Acupuncture ashi, LI 4, SP 6, BL 17, 40



Qi and Blood deficiency

Lack of nourishment, mild dull headache that is worse in the afternoon, photophobia, tired eyes, poor

sleep, palpitations, fatigue, pale complexion and tongue, P- weak

P/T nourish Qi and Blood, promote circulation


  • tonify, foot Taiyin and Yangming
  • Du 20, 23, ST 36, SP 6, 10
  • when in remission add Shu points, Ren 4 & 6, and Moxa



Liver Kidney Yin deficiency

Dizziness and blurred vision, Liver and Kidney deficiency symptoms, may be mild or severe, T- red with scanty coat, P- thin wiry

P/T nourish Liver and Kidney


  • Du 20, BL 18, 23, LR 3-KI 1, SP 6
  • heat signs- PC 8



Alternative Treatment Methods

  • auricular- occiput, frontal, brain, shenmen, bleed vein on the back of the ear for Liver Yang rising
  • 7 star- ache, Bladder meridian, taiyang, yintang, Gallbladder on head



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