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The Daily Enlightenment


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Early periods

 Seven days early for three months consecutively (thus shortening the cycle length).  The amount of bleeding can be normal, excessive, or scanty.


Spleen Qi deficiency

can’t keep blood in vessels

pale dilute blood, shortness of breath, loose stools, bloating after meals, fatigue, pale complexion, blood spots under the skin, T- pale

P/T – nourish Spleen Qi, consolidate Chong, regulate period


  • *Moxa SP 1, BL 20 & ST 36, SP 6, DU 20, moxa RN 4 & 6 (tonify and raise Yuan Qi), SP 10
  • Yang deficiency- RN 4, BL 23


  • Gui Pi Tang, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang


Heat in Blood attacks Uterus

heavy bleeding (dark or bright red), may have clots (Liver Qi stagnation turns to Fire), irritability, red face, anxiety, irritability, dry stool, thirst, red face, dark urine, restless, T- red, P- rapid

P/T – clear Heat, cool blood, regulate Chong and Ren


  • SP 6, 8, 10 (heat in blood), LR 2 (ying spring)
  • insomnia- HT 7
  • Heat signs- LI 11, KI 2, RN 3


  • Qing Jing Tang, Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San


Alternative Treatment Methods

  • auricular: Nei Shen Zhi Qi (internal reproductive), endocrine, subcortex, LR, SP, KI, Yuan Zhong
  • scalp: human reproductive system (electro)
  • 7 star: Ren, Du, Dai






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