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Diabetes Xiao Ke


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Xiao Ke (diabetes-like conditions, wasting and thirsting)

Lung (upper Xiao), Stomach (mid Xiao), or Kidney (low Xiao).  

TCM Yin deficiency with dry Heat


Dry Heat injures the Lungs

  • P/T clear Heat, lubricate the Lungs, nourish fluids
  • Acupuncture  - hand Taiyin & Shaoyin, BL 13 & LU 9, 10 (heat), BL 15 & HT 8 (purge upper Jiao Heat), Yi Shu (pancreas Shu 1.5 cun lateral to T8)
    • thirst- Ren 23, ST 44

Stomach dry Heat

  • P/T purge Stomach Fire, nourish Spleen Yin
  • Acupuncture foot Yangming, Taiyin, BL 20, SP 6, ST 36, BL 21 & ST 44, Yi Shu
    • hunger- PC 6, Ren 12

Kidney Yin deficiency

  • P/T clear Heat, nourish Yin
  • Acupuncture foot Shaoyin, Jueyin, BL 23, KI 3, BL 18 & LR 3 (LR KI Yin, descend Fire), Yi Shu

Yin and Yang deficiency

  • chronic type II NIDDM, usually obese patients, Kidney deficiency, frequent urination which is cloudy, low back and knee weakness, dull complexion, irregular menses menopause, impotence andropause, aversion to cold, P- deep weak
  • Acupuncture foot Shaoyin, BL 23, Du 4, KI 3, Ren 6, ST 36, Yi Shu


Alternative Treatment Methods

  • auricular- pancreas, endocrine, KI, SJ, Shenmen, HT, LR, Er Mi Gen, gentle stimulation, one ear at a time, change ears every other day
  • 7 star- T7-L1
  • injection- Dang Gui in Hua Tou Jia Ji






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