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The Daily Enlightenment


 Internal Medicine                                      


                                                                      Theory                                             ***

  • Yin and Yang
    Introduction to Yin and Yang which discusses the four main aspects of Yin Yang, as well as the history and it's role in Chinese medicine and pathology.
  • Jing, Qi, Blood, and Jin Ye
    Some fundamental ideas about the Vital Substances in Chinese Medicine.
  • The Internal Organs (Zang Fu)
    Some functions and properties of each of the Zang (Yin) and Fu (Yang) organs in TCM. This area also includes some of the major organ relationships.
  • The 6 Extraordinary Organs
    A brief discussion on the Marrow, Brain, Bone, Uterus, Vessels, and the Gallbladder.
  • The Causes of Illness
    The six evils are covered in this section (Wind, Cold, Damp, Heat, Summer Heat, and Dryness), as well as the seven emotions (Anger, Fear, Fright, Grief, Joy, Worry and Pensiveness), and other major causes of illness.
  • Origins of TCM
    Ideas about the origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and philosophy, as well as theories on how acupuncture points were discovered.
  • Shen (Spirit)
    Translated sometimes as "spirit" or "mind" but still difficult to translate. Shen implies consciousness, mental function, mental health, vitality, or "presence".
  • The Five Elements (Cycles) (Cosmic Hinge) *
    Very basic Five Element theory, with a diagram to help explain the different cycles
    , and a table to illustrate the associations for the elements.




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