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The Daily Enlightenment


 Neijing Lingsu                                                                917-673-2888

Neijing Lingsu - TOC

  1. Of Nine Needles and Twelve Source Points
  2. The Roots of the Acupuncture Points
  3. An Explanation of the Minute Needles
  4. The Noxious Qi's Disease Forms in the Viscera and Bowels
  5. Roots and Ends
  6. Longevity or Premature Death, To Be Hard or Soft
  7. On Governing the Needles
  8. The Roots of Spirit
  9. From Beginning to End
  10. The Major Channels
  11. The Separate Channels
  12. Rivers and Channels
  13. The Muscle Channels
  14. Measurements in Reference to the Bones
  15. The Fifty Regulators
  16. The Nourishing Qi
  17. The Limits of the Channels
  18. The Birth and Assembling of the Nourishing Qi and Protective Qi
  19. The Qi of the Four Seasons
  20. The Five Evils
  21. Cold and Hot Diseases
  22. Madness and Insanity
  23. Hot Diseases
  24. Perverse Diseases
  25. Diseases and Roots
  26. Assorted Diseases
  27. Circulatory Rheumatism
  28. Questions on the Oral Teaching
  29. Teaching and Transmitting
  30. The Partitions of Qi
  31. The Intestines and Stomach
  32. The Balanced Man and Starvation
  33. An Essay on the Seas
  34. Five Rebellions
  35. An Essay on Swellings
  36. The Five Swellings, the Ferrying of Secretions and their Divisions
  37. The Five Examinations and the Five Emissaries
  38. Rebellious or Smooth, Fat or Lean
  39. An Essay on the Blood's Luo Channels
  40. Yin and Yang, Clear and Muddy
  41. Yin and Yang and Their Connections to the Sun and Moon
  42. The Propagation of Disease
  43. The Debauched Evil and the Development of Dreams
  44. The Smooth Flowing Qi Divides One Day Into Four Seasons
  45. External Measurements
  46. The Five Transformations
  47. The Body and the Viscera
  48. Restrictions and the Major Channels
  49. The Five Colors
  50. A Discussion of Courage
  51. The Back Shu Acupuncture Points
  52. Protective Qi
  53. A Discussion of Pain
  54. The Allotted Year of a Man's Life
  55. Counterflow and Smooth Flowing
  56. The Five Flavors
  57. Water Swellings
  58. The Thieving Wind
  59. The Protective Qi When Out of Its Usual Order
  60. The Jade Tablets
  61. The Five Prohibitions
  62. Moving and Transporting
  63. An Essay on the Five Flavors
  64. Yin and Yang and Twenty five Types of Men
  65. The Five Tones and Five Flavors
  66. The Beginning of the Hundred Diseases
  67. The Actions of the Needle
  68. Ascent Into the Diaphragm
  69. Grief and Anger Without Words
  70. Chills and Fever
  71. The Evil Guest
  72. Penetrating Heaven
  73. Sense and Capabilities
  74. An Essay on Disease and on the Examination of the Cubit, the Elbow, and the Forearm
  75. Acupuncture Methods, Genuine and Evil Qi
  76. The Movement of the Protective Qi
  77. The Nine Temples and Eight Winds
  78. An Essay on the Nine Needles
  79. An Essay on the Seasonal Dews
  80. A Discussion of Great Delusions
  81. Swellings and Suppurations


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