Dr William Fitzgerald Zone Therapy



To date most reflexologists have worked with the theory of energy zones originally described by Dr. Fitzgerald. Although his theory has stood reflexology in good stead over the years and contributed greatly to the development of modern therapy. As acupuncture becomes popular and main stream there is little doubt that a strong link exists between reflexology and acupuncture. Both techniques are certainly based on similar ideas. Both are considered meridian therapies since they propose that energy lines link the hands and feet to various body parts. This enables the whole body to be treated by working on the reflex areas. As a Reflexologist and Acupuncturist I have no doubt that the effects elicited by massaging the feet are largely the result of stimulating the six main meridians that run through the feet. Acupuncture went from strength to strength in the East, but reflexology was, for some unknown reason, lost and forgotten until its recent re-emergence in the West. Dr. Fitzgerald recognized an energy connection between the feet and other parts of the body, and without his pioneering work reflexology would not be where it is today. But because the Eastern concept of the meridian system was unknown in the West at the time of his research, the connection with the meridians was not recognized. I am convinced that the energy channels linking the feet to other organs and body parts are the meridians described in Chinese Medicine.