Total Wellness Program Guide for Living

After reading this program you may feel like you have a lot of work to do. Worry not, for you have infinite time. "Doing one thing at a time" was described as the essence of Zen. Focus on one thing that sticks out particularly in your mind. It may be diet, it may be meditation, it may introspection, or whatever.

We have created a summary of this program on this page. Use this is a guide for living, if you find it useful.


Introspect, observe your ego, and detach yourself from material things. Surround yourself with a positive environment of people and things. Practice your meditation, your affirmations, breathing, and introspection exercises. Every day know that you are the creator of how you feel within. At all times know that true joy, peace, and happiness are found within.


Eat foods in the form nature created them. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables with every meal. Avoid acidic and processed foods. Practice cardio, weight training, and stretching exercises daily. Practice yoga. Practice breathing.


Introspect, observe your ego, and make sure you act out of love. Seek always to understand, not to be right. Do not judge others. Listen, listen, listen. Always listen to others and do so with a still, present, loving, and compassionate mind. Reflect at the end of the day on how you acted towards others.


Follow the teachings of the masters. Model your life after their recommendations. Practice what your beliefs ask of you with sincerity, love, frequency, and devotion. Meditate or spend time in silence and stillness. Make time and space to be with and get to know God. Know always that happiness, fulfillment, and God are only found within.

A day in the life of a person on our Total Wellness Program:


Wake up, drink a whole glass of water and decide first thing that you will be only filled with love today.

Stretch or practice yoga for 10-15 minutes.

If you have time before work or starting your day, spend 30 minutes to 1 hour exercising.

Shower or clean up.

Meditate, pray, and practice what your religion asks of you for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Recite your affirmations for self improvement 5 times.

Eat a breakfast composed of a natural form of protein, fruits, and oats.

Take your vitamins and nutritional supplements.


Throughout the day introspect and make sure you stay in the present moment, treat others with love and compassion, and do not perform your actions restlessly

At least three times throughout the day, relax, and take a few deep breaths. Stop. Look. Listen.

Eat a lunch that consists of natural foods that you know are good for you.

Drink at least one cup of water per hour.


If you did not exercise in the morning, exercise for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Stretch or practice yoga for 10-15 minutes.

Shower or clean up.

Eat a dinner composed of a natural form of protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and legumes.

Meditate, pray, and practice what your religion asks of you for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Wait at least 1 hour after eating before meditation.

Recite your affirmations for self improvement 5 times.

Relax and reflect on your day. Ask yourself: "Was I a good person today?" "Did I act in accordance with my values?" "Did I exercise will power and self discipline?" "Was I calm and in the present moment or restless?" "Did I treat others with love, respect and compassion?" "Did I carry love and God in my heart throughout the day?" "Did I eat well, exercise, and perform my spiritual practices?"

This is an evolving program that will grow as time goes on, we learn more from the community and from within ourselves. Please give us your feedback on whether this program was helpful and how we could improve it even more to help more people.

Our love and spirit goes out to you and we wish only love to enter your life.

Be Well.