COSMIC CODE (YIJING / I Ching): Science of Divination and Art of Philosophy

"Philosophy is written in this grand book - I mean universe - which stands continuously open to our gaze, but which cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth." - Galileo (1623)




Big Bang

Is this the “Mother of all Explosions” ?

Is the Universe a fractal ?

As Science progresses it is confounded by the fractal nature of its environment and even the reticulate fractal systems of our internal system (bronchi) and everything that are seemingly chaotic are explainable by fractal mathematics discovered by Mandelbrot(Set). As you become fractally aware, you will be astounded by the fractal nature of all naturally occurring phenomena in sunflowers, rivers, mountains, coastlines and branches in trees and veins in leaves.

As Galileo has postulated, the universe, if we are able to decipher what it means, in terms of its greatness, its godliness, its incomprehensible and chaotic nature, we have to be able understand the language it is written in and the language is “Mathematics”  and its character are triangle, circles and geometric figures which in turns lead us to the metaphysical world of  “sacred geometry”.

As the field of “metaphysics” and “quantum science”  meets, we rediscovered an even more ancient metaphysical language that help us decipher the cosmic code in the East called YiJing(I Ching) and its character is in the form binary code, which is the language of our modern computer.

The language of “zero & one” or “on & off” or “Yin & Yang  is also the building blocks of triangles circles and geometric figures which we find in “sacred geometry” and as the geometry is the basis for the formation of  Visica Picis” , “Seed of Life” , “Flower of Life” , “Fruit of Life”.


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Both DNA and I Ching describe reality. With DNA Western scientists have gone so deep into the matter that they found a level that was expressing life in a way men could understand how it works.

Thousands of years ago Chinese philosophy found a metaphysical and magical instrument, the I Ching, that also describes life. Western scientist zoomed in and Chinese philosophy zoomed out.

There is still a lot of work to be done to join these 2 different ways of looking at reality.  But Chinese Medicine and Western science have a common structure at the basis of their systems. I will end with a quotation of Ken Wilber, a Western philosopher who already wrote about the bridge between Western and Eastern culture. From his book Paradigm Wars:     “The world has got do what the world has got to do. Just we had to farm the physical – by learning agriculture and then industry – before we could collectively move to the mental, so now we have to farm the mental – information and computers and technology – before we go beyond it to the spiritual. All in its own time. Frankly I think the world is moving along at a handsome clip”.


Used literature:

The I Ching or Book of Changes by Richard Wilhelm and Cay F. Baynes

DNA and the I Ching – Tao of life by Johnson F.Yan

The I Ching & the Genetic Code – The hidden code to life by Dr. Martin Schonberger

Yi Jing by Wu Jing-Nuan

Tao of chaos by Katya Walters

Paradigm Wars by Ken Wilber

Mandate of Heaven by Steve Marshall

Frank Roosen from Tilburg, the Netherlands May 2007


The cosmic code of the Book of Change (Yijing / I-Ching) was recorded by simple-minded ancients, who observed the integrity of all aspects of life, discovered the laws behind the diversity of nature, and created a way of harmonious living with nature. Nature was their teacher. By embracing the patterns of nature in the center, their philosophy, they were able to make their lives predictable. Once the center is found, completeness is accomplished.

The fundamental principles of the Yijing have guided philosophers, politicians, mystics, alchemists, diviners, scientists, and mathematicians. 

“The process on earth-blossom and fruit, growth and decay can be calculated if we know the laws of change, we can precalculate in regard to it…The future likewise develops in accordance with calculated numbers. If these numbers are known, future events can be calculated with perfect certainty.” –Shao Yong

The main idea of the Yijing is to be firm in yielding the mind. The Yijing reveals the science of divination and the art of philosophy through an intricate mathematical cosmology that forges astrology and geomancy into the heart (which governs the body, expresses through the face, and projects through the palm) of humanity, which learns to understand the truth of reality. The cosmic code of the Yijing oracle reveals prophetic messages, which guides humanity back to divinity by following the way (truth) of nature (neidan).

?         Divination: to reveal the laws of the movement of nature in order to shape fate

?         Philosophy: to know the way of transformation into the divine



The unchanging truth of heaven is that everything under it changes.

The Yijing is discussed in terms of history, systems, mathematics, fundamental concepts, sixty-four hexagrams, coin and yarrow stick methods of hexagram divination, plum blossom numerology, astrology, and the genetic code.



Yijing mathematical principles are thought of as the key to the universe, or the forces that control the patterns of heaven and earth. Today, Yijing mathematics is verbatim with the binary system.

Since prediction and calculation have the same meaning in Chinese (suan), they did not distinguish between numerology and mathematics. (see ‘cosmology' section)

Binary System:

·            Same mathematical system is expressed in the structural variation of the genetic code

·            Gottfried Wilhelm Liebnitz (17th c.CE): father of calculus, discovered the binary system from Father Joachin Bouvet, a Jesuit priest in China, who introduced Fu Xi's Early Heaven Array of the 64 hexagrams

·            Same mathematical system which is the basis of computer language




The fundamental concepts of the Yijing identify the karmic parameters of spiritual cultivation.

1)  The hexagrams evolved from the primal forces of yin and yang, derived from the Universal Creative manifesting itself.

2)  The hexagrams symbolically represent all possible situations and conditions relating to human, animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms.

3)  The hexagrams can, with proper understanding and interpretation, be used for any matter a man can think of.

4)  The basic laws and patterns of the Universal Creative are in, or are generated by the Former Heaven Sequence of trigrams.

5)  The basic laws and patterns are made manifest in the universe in accordance with the Later Heaven Sequence of trigrams.

6)  Heaven, Man and Earth are coequal partners in the spiritual development of man through his experiences.

7)  The influences of Heaven and Earth are always fixed and predictable (from human's realm of perception). This is the revelation of the hexagrams.

8)  Man has free will: freedom of choice in what he thinks, does, or says.

9)  Predictions pertain to the material realm in accordance with natural laws. Since man has free will, which operates in the spiritual realm, predictions can be modified.

10)  Astrological forecasts can be modified by karma and one's free will.

11)  Karma returns to the originator in Universal Time. It often overrides free will in the material realm.

12)  Karma is not inevitable. Man can develop himself mentally and enter the realm of spirit through refinement and purification. The realm of spirit overrides and supersedes the material realm in which karma operates.

13)  Man manifests divine will when he works in harmony with nature (the laws of heaven and earth).

14)  Man progresses spiritually as he further discerns the laws of heaven and earth, and consciously uses them.

15)  The Yijing is a fundamental guide for spiritual development.

16)  Auspiciousness can be increased through spiritual cultivation according to the observation of lessons learned from the cycles of hexagrams which repeat throughout life. In other words, man does best for himself when acting selflessly, and acting in harmony with the laws of heaven and earth.

17)  There are no measurable changes in the laws of heaven and earth during an individual’s lifetime. Therefore, the laws affecting an individual at the moment of birth are the laws governing the individual's life.

18)  The influences existing at the time of birth are time, space, and the relative positions of everything in the universe at that moment. (In Yijing astrology, the sun is the most important factor.)

19)  An individual’s choice to enter life at a particular moment (birth) is an exercise of free will.

20)  People born in the same place at the same moment are referred to as 'time twins.'

21)  Only the individual knows him or herself best. This is part of the individual's freedom.


SIXTY-FOUR HEXAGRAMS: Patterns of Change

The transformation patterns of the sixty-four hexagrams are indicated by their logarithmic  evolution, timeless hexagrams, line representations, trigram representations, sources of interpretation, and hexagram interpretation.


Evolution: Pyramid Unfolding (see also ‘Cosmology')

The complexity of the Yijing symbols unfolds at an exponential rate (logarithm 2). Log 2 is used because 2 refers to the duality (liangyi) within unity. If the exponents are spheres, their exponential sequence forms a pyramid, which reflects Confucian hierarchy, and a quantitative existence.

20   21 22 23 2 





Dimensional Representation


Universal Creative: Great Absolute (taiyi)



Two Forms (liangyi: yin-yang)



Four Symbols: Digrams; Five Elements (sixiang; wuxing)

Plane: xy grid


Eight Trigrams (bagua)

Cube or sphere: xyz grid


Sixty-four Hexagrams

Space and Time

Algebraically: (a = yang; b = yin); (see fig. )

2 = (a + b)

1) taiyi: (a + b)= 1

2) liangyi: (a + b)1 = a + b

3) sixiang: (a + b)2 = a2 ab + ba + b2

4) bagua: (a + b)3 = (a2 + ab + ba + b2) + (a + b) = (a3 + 3a2b + 3ab2 + b3)

= a3 + a2b + a2b + a2b + ab2 + ab2 + ab2 + b3

5) 64 hexagrams: (a + b)6 = a6 + 6a5b + 15a4b2 + 20a3b3 + 15a2b4 + 6ab5 + b6

Evolutionary Representations:

·         Symbol (xiang): liangyi, sixiang, bagua

·         Philosophy (li): accurate forecasting based on the hexagram images, judgments, and commentaries generated by its contributors

·         Number (shu): binary; log 2

Yijing Schools:

·         Nili jia (Han Dynasty): emphasized li

·         Xiangshu jia (Song Dynasty): researched trigrams and hexagrams and found relationships between mathematical symbol and philosophy; emphasized xiang, shu, and li

·         Daojia: used Yijing principles to explain and direct meditation (neidan)

·         Chanpu jia: used Yijing principles for divination (predicting the future)

Timeless Hexagrams: Polar Opposite Hexagrams

Timeless hexagrams, or polar opposite hexagrams, establish an axis-grid that distinguishes each hexagram by quadrant. The cardinal hexagrams mimic the cardinal trigrams of the early heaven sequence. Thus, the quadrants established by the timeless hexagrams determine the each hexagram’s location according to the four phases of energy.

1)   Heaven (S): Qian

2)   Earth (N): Kun


29)  The Abyss/Mastering Pitfalls (W): Kan


30)  Fire (E): Li


Yao Representations: Place of Line

The place where a line is positioned within a symbol (ie. liangyi, sixiang, bagua) is a yao. Line representations are interpreted primarily according to their numerological sequence in the given hexagram. Distinctions can be made as trigram lines, hexagram lines, most favorable lines, line actions, ruling line, outside lines, or line correspondence.





Human Body

Human Face




Feet, lower leg




Technicians, scientists, skilled workers





Bureaucrats, politicians, administrators

Hips, lower abdomen




Ministers, advisors

Upper abdomen









Sage, saint

Neck, head




Yin and Yang Lines:


·            Continuous: yang

·            Broken: yin

Number from bottom (inside):

·            Odd numbered lines: yang

·            Even numbered lines: yin

Most Favorable Lines:

·            Lines 2 and 5 (rulers)

·            Line 5 < 2 < 4 < 1 < 3 < 6


Line Actions:

·            Occur from bottom to top

·            Principle Action: lines 2, 3, 4 and 5


Ruling Line:

·            Line 5

·            Single yang or yin line amongst 5 lines of opposite polarity

Outside Lines:

·            Line 1: considerations before the activity can commence

·            Line 6: decline after the peak of activity


Line Correspondence:

·            1 » 4 (minister)

·            2 » 5 (ruler)

·            3 » 6

·            Favorable: if upper of two corresponding lines is yang and lower is yin; man leading woman

·            Neutral: if corresponding lines have same polarity

·            Unfavorable: upper line is yin while lower is yang


Trigram Lines:


·            Lower: earth

·            Middle: man

·            Upper: heaven


Hexagram Lines:

·            Lines 1 and 2: earth

·            Lines 3 and 4: man

·            Lines 5 and 6: heaven



Trigram Representations:

A hexagram consists of 2 primary and 2 nuclear trigrams that overlap.


Primary Trigrams:

·            Upper: lines 4, 5, 6

·            Lower: lines 1, 2, 3


Nuclear Trigrams:

·            Upper: lines 3, 4, 5

·            Lower: lines 2, 3, 4





Sources of Interpretation:

Sources of hexagram and line interpretations sprout from indigenous Confucian sociological ideology and Taoist natural philosophy and alchemical practicum.



·            C: Confucius: Humanity (man in the world of man); trigram imagery

·            L: Liu Yiming, Translation: Ecology (man in the world of nature)

·            E: Liu Yiming, Explantion (Thomas Cleary's paraphrase): Spiritual Alchemy (man in the world of heaven, Tao)



·            L: Liu Yiming Translation

·            E: Explanation (my paraphrase of Thomas Cleary’s translation of Liu Yiming's explanation)

Hexagram Interpretations: 1-64

Odd hexagrams are heavenly following their source from Qian, while even hexagrams are earthly following their source from Kun.


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Modern Scientific Interpretation of Evolution & Cosmology


Fig 32: Comparison of the evolution of the universe from the big bang and the evolution of life on Earth shows that life has existed for a full third of the universes lifetime and is a long-term, stable feature of cosmic evolution. Astronomical events, such as asteroid and cometary impacts and nearby supernovae have always played a major role in causing mass extinctions accompanied by volcanism possibly as a secondary consequence of the impacts themselves. However the advent of so-called human civilization is threatening in the next century to cause a mass extinction more serious than the cretaceous-tertiary event that wiped out the dinosaurs. The process is caused both by direct impacts such as deforestation and habitat destruction and by genetically modifying the very species upon which we depend without conserving their naturally viable forms, so that our future becomes brittle and fragile, dependent on maintaining artificial growing environments and high-tech food distribution processes which would be disabled globally by the slightest of astronomical disturbances, leading directly towards human extinction. For a single species to cause a mass extinction of life's diversity, possibly lasting 10million years in one century is thus terminal folly. It is compounded by the ever increasing value biological resources have in the genetic epoch. There is thus a paramount need for us to rediscover our relationship with the cosmos and to take the responsibility to regenerate genetic and biological diversity to sustain our own future generations.




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